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Launch a custom idea community in less than 30 min.

What is IdeaShare?

IdeaShare enables soliciting and harvesting of ideas, suggestions and feedback to improve your products and services. It represents a new breed of applications that harness the collective opinions of the crowd. IdeaShare empowers users to submit, comment and rank ideas. It can be targeted both internally to co-workers and externally to customers.

Simpler, Better, Faster - A New Approach to Idea Management

Most organizations collect ideas, feedback and suggestions via email, phone interviews or public forum comments. The process of aggregating these ideas and selecting the right ones is tedious and lengthy. Idea sharing applications make it a lot simpler and faster by providing an environment for idea collection as well as the capability to zero in on the right ideas. By creating an open forum that generates ideas, one can now leverage the wisdom of a wider user base as opposed to a smaller group of co-workers or experts. This results in a steady flow of ideas. The self-correcting nature of the community results in the elimination of bad ideas and the bubbling up of better and popular ideas.

Launch in 30 min | 100% Customizable

IdeaShare lets you set up a community in less than 30 mins. The setup wizard takes you through the steps of customizing your site's look and feel, setting up your idea categories and finally inviting users to contribute. IdeaShare offers significant customization and management features to administer the application. These features range from configuring different registration methods to creating custom idea categories, idea statuses and managing and monitoring the site usage. IdeaShare is built on an open platform developed by OpenCrowd. Using this platform developers can extend the application further or if needed integrate with other enterprise applications. IdeaShare is available on Amazon's EC2 and IBMSmartCloud.


Now available on iPhone and Android

Free Trial (30 days) Basic Enhanced
Pricing Free $2500/Year $5000/Year
Contribute & Engage   more
Tags ideas
Full text search
View contributor’s activity stream
Login via social media accounts
Follow an idea
Multi-media upload
Evaluate   more
Discuss ideas
Vote on ideas
Rank by multiple criteria
Preferences   more
User profile preferences
Manage email notifications
Mobile HTML5   more
Quick Submit and Categorize
Post comments and votes
Smart phone compatible (HTML 5)
Users 1000 users 1000 users 10000 users
Scalability Options
Email Support
On Site / Phone Support Hourly rate Hourly rate Hourly rate
Enterprise customization Contact us
Site management   more
Customizable idea categories
Customizable workflow status
Enable / Disable voting on an idea
Annotate ideas
Change idea status
Re-categorize idea
Comment moderation
Cloud deployment
Allow/deny access
Allow/deny self registration
Social media login, Google, facebook
Secure login
Customizable logo and site name
Customizable domain name
Customizable email notification
Manage email notifications
Basic Analytics Dashboard
User Management

Get Started

Deploy in 30 minutes on the cloud

We have created a IdeaShare instance for you on Amazon EC2. This Amazon virtual instance is a fully configured stack ready for launch under your Amazon account. Following are the step by steps instructions:

1. Register to receive email instructions with IdeaShare AMI Id to launch
2. Select the IdeaShare AMI Id in your Amazon account
3. Configure your instance with the specified settings
4. Launch the instance, our setup wizard will help you configure your site


The Smart Green Phone Company
Ideas from Customers

Click above to enter a live demo of IdeaShare.

This example demonstrates how a product company may solicit ideas on its products, customer service, in-store experience and mobile payments from its customers.

Use any of the following ids to login:
userid = "usertest1" or "usertest2 or usertest3"
password = "password"


IdeaShare is a software product that enables soliciting and harvesting of ideas, suggestions and feedback to improve your products and services. IdeaShare represents a new breed of collaboration-centric applications that harness the collective opinions of the crowd.

IdeaShare was launched in 2011. Based on feedback from our customers we have launched a new version of the software. The new version includes a variety of new features including a new enterprise scalable option and native iPhone and Android apps.


General Questions

What is IdeaShare?

IdeaShare is a new breed of application that enables solicitation of ideas and feedback from co-workers and customers. The application empowers users to submit, comment and rank ideas. IdeaShare can be used for internal and customer-facing websites to collect ideas and feedback to improve products and services.

Can I use it to gather customer input as well as input from co-workers?

Yes. You may use it to capture ideas from external facing customers as well as internally to capture ideas from employees for internal initiatives.

How do I get started?

To explore it immediately, please check out our demos, where you can experience browsing, submitting and ranking ideas.

If you would like to create your own custom instance, we provide the following option:

User Features

How can I submit an idea?

Click on the “submit an idea” button on the header to post your idea. Your idea will be visible to all on the site to review and vote on. However, before you post, browse the site or use the Search function to check if there are any ideas similar to yours already posted on the site. If so, you can then comment and make sure your point of view is represented.

What happens to my idea after I submit it?

Once your idea is submitted, it is visible to all users to review and vote on. At some point, based on the prerogative of the Idea Manager, the highest rated and most active ideas are reviewed, evaluated and taken up for implementation.


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